Wildlife Portraits

A powerful combination of pen and ink used to illustrate plants and wildlife in the pacific northwest and nearby areas.

Apples are always a stand out choice of food for deer. To welcome the spring season, I illustrated this deer fawn with apple blossoms and mason bees.

It’s fair to say there’s no shortage of rabbits in Washington state. You can catch them hiding from the dog walkers and trail bikes, or hopping around in the tall grass. I illustrated this based on a video I was watching of a couple hares in a patch of bluebonnets.

Pen and ink wash drawing of great blue heron with seaweed and muscle shells by Kelsea Rothaus

It’s amazing how densely mussels grow on pilings, boats and everything else. I incorporated marine plants into the blue heron’s anatomy as if it was standing so still that it was overtaken.

The merciless nature of the wild is one of my favorite themes to illustrate. I’m always looking forward to work where I get to take this approach.

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