Stream Team Apparel

Aiming to amplify the experience of volunteers with a spruced up t-shirt design.

Closeup of dark teal octopus design for Stream Team Thurston County on a white t shirt fabric

I worked with Stream Team to design a concept that would bring enthusiasm to volunteers and educators by offering a refreshed appearance that stays true to the organization’s values.

I pitched three original ideas to a committee who chose one concept to focus on. Together, we chose to carry over type elements from the old design that the original contributors know and love. After the design was finalized, I provided options for color combinations.

Once those were decided on, I provided the final files with color separations layers so they would be print-ready as soon as they were handed off to the vendor.

Portrait of volunteer woman wearing dark t shirt with light octopus design at a state park

Stream Team Thurston County is a co-op that thrives in environmental education and water quality action. Volunteers learn about watersheds and their environment by digging into projects like tree planting, bat-box building, invasive plant removal and much more.

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