Cirque Climbing

Logo variations, color palette, typography, mood boards used to create a durable visual identity for a rock climbing gym.

I worked closely with Cirque Climbing as a consultant during their re-brand and move to a new facility. The new name and logo are inspired by the original logo, the building’s exterior design and colors sourced from photos of alpine regions.

Logo Mark

Cirque Climbing Logos by Kelsea Rothaus. Two variations on light and dark backgrounds.

The curves in the logo mark resemble a cirque landform and the semi-circular design of the gym’s interior.

Color Palette

Cirque Climbing color palette. Dark teal, light teal, gray, ice blue and brick red.

I found images of popular climbing locations around the world and sourced colors that harmonized with the brick red of the building exterior.


Typography for Cirque Climbing Brand with Ubuntu Bold and Open Sans Light font pairing.

We chose to work with sans-serif fonts because they are usually perceived as being friendly and casual. The bold Headings and subheadings are different variations of Ubuntu, and the body text is Open Sans Light.

Logo Process

The logo process allowed me to explore different themes and names while the new gym location was being built. The examples above were considered before finalization of the logo and name.

Inspiration Sources

Mood board that inspired the Cirque Climbing brand identity by Kelsea Rothaus

Working so closely with the business owner and manager to collaboratively develop the new gym identity was a rewarding experience. Check out Cirque Climbing online!

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