Digital Marketing for Artwood Northwest

A mishmash of product design and styling, photography, online shop design, copy writing, search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Artwood Northwest logo with a soft natural wood background.

I was granted a lot of freedom while collaborating with Artwood Northwest – a laser engraving shop that sources reclaimed hardwood to produce their engravings in-house.

Cheeseboards styled and photographed for an online shop.

My goal was to attract potential cheese board owners by styling the items with an assortment of delicious goodies. Additionally, I supported shop listings with appealing copy geared towards the audience of each design.

GPS coordinates home décor styled and photographed for an online shop.

We ran into challenges listing the items due to variations in the dimensions of the blocks and wood species. I decided to list them based on their dimension, but offer options of wood type based on what Artwood Northwest had in stock.

A collection of social media posts used to promote Artwood Northwest during the launch of the online shop.

We turned to Facebook for the promotion and advertising the online shop knowing that’s where most of our buyers hang out.