I’m Kelsea Rothaus, a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator living in Washington, the state.

Currently, I’m working as a full-time graphic designer on a marketing team at a not-for-profit to support my hobbies and dog. My specialty is illustrative design and storytelling—keeping the big picture in mind while packing in the detail.

I make a pretty good night owl and spend a lot of time painting when I’m off the clock. I draw on many years of experience sketching and observing animals to capture organic details and illustrate the merciless nature of the wild.

Kelsea Rothaus portrait with sketchbook

My Favorite Projects

  • Teach people how to navigate the murky waters of brand expression
  • Illustrate natural, whimsical or macabre subjects
  • Promote local arts or environmental education


Washington, USA


Have a general inquiry? Want to cook up a collaboration or grab some coffee? Shoot me an email!

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